Mrs. Beach's Litter Theorem and new litters!

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Mrs. Beach's Litter Theorem and new litters!

Post by Mrs. Beach on Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:27 pm

I've got five does in with bucks. Actually, two of them have become pregnant and are in their own tanks. Mrs. Beach's Litter Theorem (to predict from a pregnant mouse's beginning weight and rate of weight gain how many babies she'll have) is still going strong. The last two predictions I made, by email, for someone in another state, were absolutely correct about number of babies and date they were born. It's not down to equations, yet, but I am beginning to understand the complex interaction of proportions.

If you would like to participate in gathering data for my theorem by weighing your pregnant mouse daily, check out this link:

Expecting baby mice here Sunday or Monday--and these have the biggest chance yet of being (or being close to) chinchillated tricolor brindles!
Mrs. Beach
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