Mouse shopping in Iowa~

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Mouse shopping in Iowa~

Post by Whurmy on Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:56 am

I'm looking to get either a pair of does or a single buck in about two weeks.
I live in Des Moines, but I'm willing to travel to close towns like Ankeny or Indianola.
I have a breeder I'm in contact with, but it'd be a 45 minute trip there and 45 back, which my mom isn't too excited about and doesn't see why I don't want Petco mice.

I'm not super picky about coloring, but I'm not looking for PEWs/REWs/BEWs.
I'm not picky with fur type, but I'm not a fan of fuzzies, and I adore texels.
I'd like my mice to be bigger than pet shop mice.
I want a social mouse. So hand raised and handled frequently is a must.

I'm pretty sure there aren't any breeders near by that I haven't spoken with, and I've only spoken with two, one of which won't return my messages. =[ But hell, it's worth a shot. :3

These will be pets, since shows aren't really my thing, but I'm interested in show quality mice as well.

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