CSBeck Rodentry - Allentown, PA

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CSBeck Rodentry - Allentown, PA

Post by Stina on Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:03 am

Your name: Christina Beckerman
Mousery/stud name and prefix: CSBeck Rodentry (CSB)
Location: Allentown, PA USA
Your goals and varieties: Our goal is healthy, friendly, show quality mice in 3 varieties. We are working on recessive red x-brindles, black eyed silver (not yet standardized) texels, and black eyed hairless...all 3 lines with some manx (dominant gene) animals. We hope to add abyssinian in the future.
Website: www.csbeck.com/rodentry
Contact information:
E-mail: csbeck83@gmail.com
YIM: csbeck83
Facebook: CSBeck Rodentry or Christina Beckerman

We are not currently rehoming any mice as we are working on making our lines our own and getting them where we want them. I am still happy to answer questions and talk with people though!

I am also breeding rats and African Soft Furs (also known as multimammate mice and Natal rats)


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Re: CSBeck Rodentry - Allentown, PA

Post by Rhasputin on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:45 pm

I have bought mice from CSBeck Rodentry many times in the past. Her mice are always healthy and well kept. I am able to get pedigree information on them upon request, and Stina herself is very friendly and helpfull!

I give CSBeck Rodentry a 5 out of 5 cheese rating. Happy

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