Just swapp'n howdies from Florida, Love The Messies :)

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Just swapp'n howdies from Florida, Love The Messies :)

Post by Trixie's Mice on Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:30 pm


Mice entered my life three years ago, and will never leave. Mice are for keeps. I'm writing a book on mice, now, and plan to finish it in a year or two. I breed about once to twice a year. I specialize in Broken Black, Self Black, Self Agouti, and Broken Agouti. I plan on having broken recessive yellow soon. I love to sew! I like photography too. I also rescue mice. I am very into genetics. I sell some of my toys on Ebay. My favorite thing to sew are little houses. My mice are potty trained, as in not to go on me. They know come, and love to do agility. They all have long name such as, Lady Brelli Victoria Fisk, and Mistress Alana Bree Fisk, and many more. My favorite mouse, yes, I know I shouldn't have favorites. Lady Ethan Minnie Mouse is my beloved mouse. She is the most affectionate and sweet. She know what time I wake up in the morning, and waits for morning play time. Yes, I know Minnie Mouse is not so original, but it stuck. My mice are kept in 20 gallons and 55 gallon tanks.

This is Mistress Jeni Leah

Mistress Ashui Tory

One of my cages

Mouse ~ Trixie
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Re: Just swapp'n howdies from Florida, Love The Messies :)

Post by Mrs. Beach on Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:18 pm

Trixie! Thanks for posting! Fantastic cage toys!
Mrs. Beach
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