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Rabbits Available for Rodentfest

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Rabbits Available for Rodentfest Empty Rabbits Available for Rodentfest

Post by m137b Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:31 pm

I have the following rabbits that will be available at rodent fest. All my rabbits are purebred, show quality and held to a very high standard in temperament and health. All rabbits are fed Manna Pro Pro Formula Pellets, and fresh hay. I do not give supplements and treats, such as oats, dried bread, apples, and carrots are given very sparingly to adult stock only.

Himalayan Netherland Dwarf Buck, Hugo. DOB 1/14/13, he is a False Dwarf, as such he will be larger probably 2 3/4-3lbs, and not showable, he is still suitable as a brood buck. His type is difficult to gage as he is very young. $30

2 Gold Tipped Black Steel French Lop Bucks, DOB 2/19/13, sire is a grand champion, is Chinchilla and weights 12lbs. Dame is Blue, weights 15lbs and was not shown but has excellent type. $85 ea

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Rabbits Available for Rodentfest Empty Re: Rabbits Available for Rodentfest

Post by kawmice Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:39 am

You have bunnies Cindy?? I should not get any but boy Do I miss my rabbits. Can you post sine pics? I *may just break down if one catches my eye. And that himi dwarf sounds adorable.
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