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Wild Orphaned pup

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Wild Orphaned pup Empty Wild Orphaned pup

Post by G0dn0te Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:23 pm

Hello everyone,

This is my first time owning a mouse ever, let alone an orphaned wild baby whose eyes are just barely opening. Here is a picture:

Alright, I found her in our garage, limping along/barely walking, and pretty lost. There was no nest in sight (this was in our garage) and no signs of a mother, and the baby didn't seem too... active, seemed dehydrated, or simply just completely defenseless. etc.

So I put her in a container I had for my snake which I hadn't used yet, and took care of her. I've given her oat-milk at first, and she was doing pretty well, I'd never seen something that tiny eat so much. Then I went out to get some milk formulas, and I got a kitten milk replacer which the mouse took, but wasn't very happy about it/didn't eat as much as before.

She's been able to poop, but has yet to pee(for lack of better words). So I'm waiting for a couple hours to try again, if that doesn't work I'll give her more oat-milk, and then I'll go get goat milk in the morning.

Basically, she's not really active, and she has yet to urinate. Any tips, help, ideas, that would be very welcomed. Thank you very much.



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Wild Orphaned pup Empty Re: Wild Orphaned pup

Post by [Dino] Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:49 am

I have seen on tv that vets use a moist ear stick and rub it on the genitals to stimulate peeing, but that is as far as my knowledge goes on orphans....
And of course to keep it warm, but not near the heater.


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