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Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh!

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Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh! Empty Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh!

Post by Luri Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:49 pm


My name's Erin (aka: Luri) and I live in Pittsburgh with my boyfriend, my four kitties and formerly two mice.

I'm new(ish) to mouse-ownership but I'm hooked. About 8 months ago I bought two fancy mice from PetSmart (males) that were being housed in the same bin.

Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh! IMAG0350Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh! IMAG0380

They were super active and friendly with each other, until of course I got them home. The sales associate assured me that they could be housed together and be very happy after they "worked out their differences" and to leave them be if I heard any squeaking. So I tried very hard to leave them be during all the ruckus and it was heartbreaking to hear it... after a few days of this I gave in and separated them for good. We ended up naming them War and Peace because the brown one wouldn't let up while the white one wanted nothing to do with him.

In any case, War was happy as can be on his own and Peace started to settle in as well when I noticed that he'd gotten some pretty bad bites on his backside above his tail that had become infected. Sad I took him right back to PetSmart who raised him back to health but had to keep him for 2 weeks to do so. When we FINALLY got him back he was good as new, save for a tiny bald patch on his rump Big smile 

I kept them separated from then on, but definitely took a favoring to Peace. I think he was a runt, as he stayed very small, but he was so smart! I taught him tricks and he got so used to us that when his cage was opened he'd stop whatever he was doing, fly up the wire and jump right into our hands! I think we were his best friends Happy.

The past few weeks he'd started acting odd... he stopped using his favorite wheel and used the other one less and less, he stopped sleeping in his house and chose a small nest on the second story of his cage instead. One day in particular I noticed him shaking and being very lethargic. Concerned he was cold I took a sock and filled it with rice, warmed it in the microwave for 30 seconds and popped it in there for him. He huddled himself on top of it and refused to move if I went to heat it up for him.

I managed to get him to start eating some of his feed and he started to perk up. After a tenuous day or so, he started returning to normal.

Unfortunately, these last few days he started declining. Many of the same symptoms occurred and we tried to do everything we could, but it must have been his time. Last night he passed away Cry . I was devastated! We even went so far as to give him a little mouse-y burial outside by a tree.

War is still going good and couldn't seem happier, so I'm really not sure what started this whole fiasco with Peace. Outside of their living situation for the first few days, they had no contact with each other and were in the same room, side-by-side for the past 8 months and Peace was the only one with any problems.

In any case, we now have a large set of empty cages and we need to fill. I'm concerned that the breeding of mice for pet stores was a factor in his very short life and want to do things right this time.

I'd love to start caring for mice that have been bred with their livelihood in mind.

If there are any breeders in the area please drop me a line Happy



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Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh! Empty Re: Greetings from Luri in Pittsburgh!

Post by Laigaie Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:06 pm

Greetings! I am not in your area, but I'm sure you'll find someone. Have you checked out the United Mouse Club's Facebook group? The breeders are a lot more active over there. Big smile

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