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Very sick mouse

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Very sick mouse Empty Very sick mouse

Post by EVPlocicki Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:01 am

We had two 6 month old mice. Today we found one mouse dead and the other seems sick or injured. I tried giving him food by hand, he would hold it and put his mouth on it but wasn't taking bites. We gave him some peanut butter, and he ate a bit of that. He's having a lot of trouble moving around and doesn't seem to be drinking. I tried to give him water and he just ignored it. He has a lump on the top of his back and definitely seems to be weak and maybe a bit disoriented.

They were fine a day ago. Both alive and moving around, although I'm not sure how long the lump has been there. It had to have happened in the past week, because they were both out while their cage was being cleaned. They were rolling around in their ball, usual happy-go-lucky selves, loving it. they seemed fine. I've been looking up symptoms and cant seem to pin point what could have gone wrong. We use dust free bedding. His eyes are squinted, but not puffy or discharging. He's not missing any fur. Definitely not breathing heavy, however his breathing seems to be very slow. No mites. He's not coughing or sneezing either. Other than being lethargic and shaky when trying to move around, the only other thing we noticed was this lump on the top of his back. Its not huge, in fact, I thought he was just hunched until he stretched out a bit and noticed it was still there.

When we found them Junk, the one that passed, he was in his tube and Thunder, the other, was laying next to the tube under some fluff very still. I cleaned out the cage and disinfected it. Gave him fresh water, some food and peanut butter. We took out all of the toys and put new fluff in. I'm not sure if this is an illness or if he could be injured. Junk has always been a bit dominant. Especially when they are both re-entered into their enclosure. Junk would always chase Thunder around for a minuet sniffing his rear. We've heard and seen them scuffle a few times, but we never saw blood drawn. Even though they have multiple places to sleep they would often sleep together, so we figured they got along okay. Could this have been a fight and now Thunder is injured? I didn't really examine Junk, but I didn't notice any obvious injuries, bloating, or that same lump.

We can't take Thunder to a vet until Monday so we're looking for any suggestions to what could be wrong and if there's anything we can do for him in the meantime. I feel terrible about Junk, and I really want to see Thunder pull through this any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.


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Very sick mouse Empty Re: Very sick mouse

Post by Laigaie Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:42 pm

You've been keeping male mice together in a pair? They very likely did fight. Male mice can sometimes live together for a while, but there is always a chance that one or both will become territorial (as is their nature) and they will fight to the death. The lump is likely a knot of injured tissue. If it oozes, turns green/black, or smells bad, you'll know it's infected. You could get him antibiotics preventatively, but the vet cost is high and buying them on the internet means shipping takes a while.

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