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Canadian seeking a breeder

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Canadian seeking a breeder  Empty Canadian seeking a breeder

Post by hemlocklily Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:00 am

I have been keeping mice for a few years now, so far I've only had pet store stock and it's breaking my heart to watch them go through all the health conditions that result from their poor genetics. I've decided to try and find a good breeder who can sell me some mice that are healthy, happy and properly bred. I'd be looking into doing this in summer or fall of this year at the earliest.

I am located in Cranbrook, B.C. Since I'm not near any big cities, I am assuming I will have to have the mice flown in (I've been told this is a practice offered by some breeders, and that it is relatively low-stress for the animals if done properly). Obviously I will be covering the cost of that transport, an investment that is worth it if the animals are well-bred. I have had crappy luck trying to find a breeder in Canada, but that would be ideal if there is one out there. Does anyone know if it's possible to ship to Canada from a US breeder? I wasn't sure about the customs requirements on that.

I am prepared to provide any info and answer any questions about myself, in order for the breeder to feel comfortable selling their animals to me. My mice are members of my family, and they are cherished as such for their entire lives. I provide vet care when needed, and I am always researching and learning. I am not a breeder, and have no plans to breed in the future.

Thanks for any info you can provide!


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