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Greetings from Florida!

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Greetings from Florida!  Empty Greetings from Florida!

Post by Aerico Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:18 am

New here. I've looked around at a few other rodent sites and this one seems just a cut above the rest. Currently I have no mice but I do have Three Rats. My baby boys! I do plan on getting some mice soon and start hobby breeding. There's a petstore nearby that gets fancies in as their feeders and theres some really great looking mice in there. Oddly enough being a big state and having as many people in the area I live we dont have many breeders for mice or rats. Leaving us to just the feeder bins at petstores which really are hit or miss. Theres a particular one I go to that I've always had success with (And they let me touch before I buy!) I'd love to lurk around and learn as much as I can.

I've had mice in my youth. Maybe only a handful before I upgraded to rats. But rodents have been off and on in my life for the last ten years and I doubt that will end soon. Aside from that I have a basic boring 9-5 Desk job so I may be here often tongue!

Hope to get to know you guys some more!

Meanwhile, Here are pictures of my boys.

Gizmo 'Hanging' out
Greetings from Florida!  Gizmo11

Sprocket my Agouti Berkshire (My cuddly one) and Widget my Hoodie (Hes my squishy one)
Greetings from Florida!  Sprokw10


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