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First pregnant mouse

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First pregnant mouse Empty First pregnant mouse

Post by Cheez-Me Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:26 am

OK... I accidentally adopted a pregnant mouse, and I posted a little bit about it in my introduction thread. She doesn't really look pregnant (well, maybe a little), but I'm not hopeful that she's not. I'm glad she's here, and I can't wait for babies. But I'm also freaking out a little bit. I've been doing SO much reading, and these aren't my "real" questions (yet), but just to be safe...

-I don't know what she was fed before, but I've been feeding her Tropical Carnival "Food & Treat All In One" Hamster-Gerbil stuff. And a bit of oatmeal and a "bite" or two of Innova dog food. That's what everyone else gets, but is there something else I should be giving her?
-I'm a bit concerned about cleaning the tank after the babies are born. I've been told that you're not supposed to disturb mother or babies for three days after birth. What does that mean for spot cleaning, and when I can clean it completely? She's on Carefresh Ultra... Is this bedding OK, or is there something that would be better?
-I read that the nest box should be completely enclosed, except for an entrance hole about an inch above the bedding, so the babies won't wiggle out. This is her nest box: (The idea was kind of kidnapped from a picture on the main TFM site in the "Breeding" section.) Does it look alright, or are there suggestions for something that might work out better? She ignored her first box and slept in a TP roll, but when I gave her this one she quickly ran inside it and has been running back and forth to bring in more paper towels and toilet paper.
-She's a little skittish, but not nearly as bad as some others I've brought home before. Can I work on "taming" her now or should I wait?
-Last question. For now, anyway. (I'm a big fan of details, so you can probably expect a million more questions. lol) She comes out to eat, runs on her wheel for a couple minutes, eats more, and goes back to bed. I seriously saw her for a total of like ten minutes today. It's very different than what I'm used to, as my other mice tend to be out and looking for trouble almost constantly. Is it normal to sleep this much/spend so much time in the nest?


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First pregnant mouse Empty Re: First pregnant mouse

Post by m137b Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:46 am

I personally wouldn't give her a nest box, or any hiding space that you can not see into if you do not intend to inspect the litter until 3 days after birth. Most people on here do not observe that practice[or most of the practices on tfm], but to each his own.

The reason I would discourage a enclosed box is that you will not be able to even observe the pups, if she has dead pups or half eaten pups lying about in the nest for 3 days it will pose a health risk to the live pups, also if something happens to the doe, she has a birthing complication or any health issue during or shortly after birthing you will not be able to see her. I dont' see how this is safe.

As for socializing her, if she is heavily pregnant, has a large distended belly do not handle her if it is not necessary. If her belly is not very big, handle her but be gentle and if she appears tired or stressed put her away.

Carefresh is good, just put a good thick layer of bedding in the cage and you shouldn't have any problems with odor or excessive soil in the cage until the pups are big enough that you are comfortable changing it.

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