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Post by GypsyTails Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:06 pm

Your name: Melissa Green
Mousery/stud name and prefix: GypsyTails Mousery, GYPT
Location: Marietta, GA, USA
Your goals and varieties: My main varieties are pale self Rexes, Fuzzy and Fuzzy Hairless. I also have been working with Blue, Tri/Splash and Tan, mainly Chocolate Tan. The last couple of varieties have had their fair share of recessive set backs, so they are more or less still in the "baby stage" and still vary greatly from litter to litter.
Website: Still in the works! Laughing
Contact information: or PM me for my Facebook page or a more direct Email address!

I frequently adopt out my mice to established breeders or new breeders once I get to know them via a forum or email. I also occasionally adopt out to pet homes on a case by case basis. Note: for potential pet homes, I do have a written request for the adopter if they have not already adopted from me previously. It is a one time only request for their first animal, stating they will not be bred or rehomed without my knowledge. If the first time adopter is a known/active member of the mouse community, I usually waive this "pseudo-contract". Laughing I do NOT use contracts on any breeding animal or any animal adopted out to a home who has already adopted a mouse from me previously. I really only mention it to ENCOURAGE our newer members in the mouse world to first RESEARCH thoroughly and become actively INVOLVED in the future care of and hopefully soon-to-be passion for their mouse companions! Wink


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