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Rules of The Board Empty Rules of The Board

Post by Admin Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:27 pm

1- Please, upon signing up, make an introduction post. This can have as much info, or as little info. We’d love to hear about you and your furry family! If you don’t have mice yet, tell us a little about your self :-)

2- Please read the rules of netiquette. The link is provided below. We would like everyone to keep this in mind when posting on our forum as they will be what I strive to follow, and strive for everyone to follow.

3- Please keep this a family friendly place. Please refrain from using vulgarity in your posts, linking to inappropriate videos or sites, posting nudity, etc. PG-13, please.

4- If you start getting frustrated, step away! Don’t add fuel to the fire. We will try to handle things as quickly as possible, so that things do not get to that point, but, if We haven’t taken care of it already, please step away and alert us to the problem. We will handle it accordingly.

5- Discussion of feeder mice, culling, etc is allowed. You must be respectful to your fellow mouse lovers. This is a mouse forum first and foremost. There are a lot of mouse lovers who also have snakes, and we all know snakes have to eat, but all I ask is that you be respectful and use warnings where needed. Please, no photos of other animals eating mice or rats unless there is some educational value.

6- Please do not criticize any animals for having faults, if critique is not asked for. If criticism is asked for, please provide it in a tasteful, constructive, and respectful manner. If you disagree with someone else's criticism of a mouse, please also do so respectfully.

7- Please do not cross post the same thread in multiple sections.

8- Personal attacks will not be tolerated at all. Anyone who makes a personal attack will receive a warning.
Personal attacks include but are not limited to - Insulting comments about a person or their animals, Inappropriate criticism of a person or their animals, name calling, and inflammatory posts.

9- If you have a personal issue with someone, please keep it to yourself. If this issue could effect the safety of other people's mice, please report it to a moderator, who will assess the situation and determine if a public announcement needs to be made.

10- Please only use one log in name.

11- We are trusting everyone with the ability to edit your own posts whenever you want, with no time limits. Please use this responsibly. If you have something to say, please think before you say it. If you need a topic erased, please contact a moderator. If you have edited your post, please provide a comment stating why it was edited.

12- Please don't moderate other people, unless you are a moderator. If you see that someone has broken a rule, do not confront them about it, simply report it and it will be taken care of.

13- Do not discourage, or undermine any sales in the for sale section. If someone is selling something, and you don't like it, or have it cheaper, do not post on their thread. If you have the item they are selling, and wish to sell it, make your own post please.

14- Badgering will not be tolerated. If you have a personal problem with someone, their practices, or their mice, either keep it to your self, or send them a PM. PMs are not an exception to the rules, however, and if a person feels that someone has violated the rules through PM, it will be taken care of just the same.

Violating a rule, can result in a warning. 3 warnings can result in a suspension, or ban.
In extreme cases, breaking a rule once may result in a ban, ONLY if the case is very severe, and it is decided that the member cannot handle the responsibility of membership here at TMC.

Have fun, make friends, and learn! That’s what this forum is for. We want everyone to have a pleasant experience!
Rules are subject to change at any time without notice, but we'll make an announcement if there are major changes.


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