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KAW Mousery

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KAW Mousery Empty KAW Mousery

Post by kawmice Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:15 am

Your name: Christine
I have been breeding good quality, friendly mice since 2001

Mousery/stud name and prefix: KAW Mousery (KAW)

Location: New Jersey

Your goals and varieties: I breed a wide range of varities, colors, and coat types. I focus and specialize in Tans and placed in shows with them. Some of the other varities I breed include Splashed, Tricolor, Merle and Roan, Selfs in many colors, Siamese, Brindle, Hairless, some Ticked varities, Broken, Banded, and Fuzzy, Fuzzy Hairless. I have bred, and plan to get more of Hereford, Dutch, X Brindle, Rosette, Varigated, and Earless. I breed in standard coats as well as rex, satin, angora, and satin angora. I would like to add texel to that list soon. lol To get a better idea of all the varities I do breed, please see my webpage! Happy

Website: UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION!! The link I am providing is for the main page so you can see what I have done so far. All my updates should be done probably soon after Rodent Fest. Once I am finished I will also provide a link to the mousery section directly.

Contact information: You can PM me anytime! Happy and my email is
when you adopt from me I provide other means of contact.
I do ship mice and have even shipped to Germany

I also breed Rats and the ocasional hamster. I am soon to hopefully be adding African soft furred rats and spiny mice.

**some pictures to follow soon**
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