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OCD or no?

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OCD or no? Empty OCD or no?

Post by Frizzle Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:18 pm

One of my rats, Snatch, does this digging thing with his front paws while pushing with his back legs. He used to do it only when sniffing your pockets, but I'm worried it's morphed into something else. He's started to do it probably 50% of the time I've got him out and he ends up scootching around with his front paws. If he's next to you when he does it he leans really hard into you, could it be some scenting thing he's doing? I thought about getting a dig box, put I'm worried this will only encourage his behavior. He's my favorite, I handle him daily, and probably the most out of my boys.

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OCD or no? Empty Re: OCD or no?

Post by renapopma Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:21 pm

Hey there. If it is anxiety related you can try to lower his stress and see if that makes a difference. Whatever has changed in the time it has gotten worse can be changed back to see if it has an impact on his behaviors.

Some animals show an increase in motor repeating behaviors when they are bored too. Yours sounds like he's getting lots of handling but maybe some other kind of fun could be added? I agree, a digging box sounds counter productive.

50% seems like a lot of the time. You could track where and when it is better and try to increase those environmental conditions. There's always the ask the vet to check him out advice too. Can't hurt.

Good luck to you and yours.


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