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I need a Robo Dwarf Expert!

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I need a Robo Dwarf Expert! Empty I need a Robo Dwarf Expert!

Post by tinyhartmouseries Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:35 pm

Hello Everyone!

I adopted a Robo Dwarf hamster from our humane society last year and I am having so much trouble finding consistent info about them. I am sure, now, that it is a he, after adopting it as a she!
Sour must have been very young and not showing his maleness!
I tried several times to find him a friend, because Robo's are colony hamsters, but I was told several times vehemently that they are impossible to introduce and should only be kept with littermates. I've also heard this is bogus, but I don't want a zillion hamsters in case it's not.

So, what's the verdict for poor Sour? Shall he be alone forever, or should I get him a buddy or three?

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