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Getting three girls, but there's a catch...

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Getting three girls, but there's a catch... Empty Getting three girls, but there's a catch...

Post by IAmLink Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:51 pm

They're coming from Petsmart...

Now, I would normally NEVER get any animal from a place like a pet store and/or Petsmart/Petco, but the people there are apparently giving them away. I work at this Petsmart (thankfully in the grooming department mostly) and they got these mice because a mouse came in pregnant, wouldn't ya know -.-

Because of this, for some sort of inventory reason (I'm not sure about the specifics), they cannot sell them and are giving them away as free "adoptions". This highly concerns me for two reasons, one is the possibility that people will come along and see free live mice, and then take them home to use them as live feeders for their reptiles silent. I'm soon to be a snake owner myself and I do NOT believe in feeding live unless absolutely necessary. The other very real option that concerns me is that, if the Petsmart cannot find people to take these mice, they may end up culling them themselves because they can't keep them in the back forever.

SO! After my long and winded explanation, I'm going to try and bring home at least two or three (maybe four) of the females from this litter. Luckily most of the litter was females, so they should live together well.

They're still fairly young, but I worry about any possible future health problems since Petsmart is known for having animals that develop health issues.

I'll post pictures when I get them home; they're mostly orange/orange and white (sorry if I'm using the wrong terms, I'm still new to mice ownership!) and of course adorable. Wish me luck! Happy


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