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Yella's interesting babies.

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Yella's interesting babies. Empty Yella's interesting babies.

Post by Mrs. Beach Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:17 pm

Pix of Yella's most exciting babies! Day 11:
Yella's interesting babies. YMW-12--11003

OK, we're dealing with c^ch and c^e and A^vy and a. Who is who? Here are my guesses, and I'd love to hear what others think, especially others who have seen these colors before!
Bub 4 (far right, above, buck): a/a c^ch/c^e s/s Spl/*
Bub 2 (middle, doe): A^vy/* c^ch/c^e s/s possibly Spl/*
Bub 7 (far left, doe): A^vy/* c^ch/c^ch s/s???? Here's a better view of her:
Yella's interesting babies. YMW-12--11005
The grey background is a blacker grey than beige, but there are those little black parts scattered through it. Doesn't look like Bub 4's c^ch/c^e tricolor at all. I'm thinking maybe these are brindle stripes that are kind of broken up by the pied areas and that Bub 7 is pied c^ch/c^ch brindle. She does have Mrs. Beach's coloration. Unless she's low enough white that her splashed colors are all running together, streaky. Would love to know what people think!

Yella is supposed to be c^e/c^e, but she could be c^ch/c^e. Her mate, the Masked Wonder, is definitely c^ch/c^e. I am still trying to breed some c^ch/c^ch mice here!
Mrs. Beach
Mrs. Beach
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