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Improvised tank setup

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Improvised tank setup Empty Improvised tank setup

Post by AmberJF Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:38 pm

I've been dying to show off my new tank setup! Having very limited money and supplies, I managed with toilet paper rolls and a cardboard box. I didn't even have tape or glue so I had to cut everything just right to fit it together like a puzzle. My two little mice had been living in a small carrier with only a water bottle and wheel, so I wanted to give them a more interesting enviroment to stimulate their little minds. Plus I wanted to get rid of the wheel. (I heard it limited their mind and was bad for spines and tails).

Version 1: I was considering keeping the wheel in

Version 2: Took out the wheel and turned a broken one into a swing

On of my mice tried it out!! Big smile the next day she bit the string and shoved the "swing" to the first floor so she hated it xD oh well. I also cut out a piece of cushion to look like cheese and carved it out so they could sleep in it. They were sleeping in it this morning and I was sooo happy!! Love

If anyone has some ideas for a tank that are cheap and unique I'd LOVE to hear them! I was thinking of trying out a backyard type enviroment w/ some soil with grass and make a sort of small pond for them. It'd be awesome if I could put a goldfish in there too, but I doubt it xD


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Improvised tank setup Empty Re: Improvised tank setup

Post by madmouse Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:57 pm

I like the set-up! The goldfish pond idea is very cute, but sounds like a logistical nightmare lol.

Some cheap fun toys I like to make: Hot-glue the ends of a tp roll shut with treats inside and hang it up for them to work on. Give them old paperback books to make nesting material out of (also a nice step stool for weanlings who might have trouble reaching the water). I find lots of junk for making toys in the trash and at yard sales: old vacuum hoses, plastic chain, pvc, wicker baskets... And fisher-price plastic barns and houses!


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Improvised tank setup Empty Re: Improvised tank setup

Post by LittleSniffs Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:38 am

We use bird toys from walmart that are a $1 and our mice them. My son also makes play houses so when I clean them they get out and 'play'. He has hanging string, swings, tube bridges and what ever else he thinks of.

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Improvised tank setup Empty Re: Improvised tank setup

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