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Hair Loss - Possible Barbering

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Hair Loss - Possible Barbering Empty Hair Loss - Possible Barbering

Post by TrixYogurt (iM) Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:22 pm

Okay so I have two mice. Trixie (who you'll see in the pictures) and Yogurt. This is what Trixie looked like about a week ago:
Hair Loss - Possible Barbering Before_zps09dd2718

Over the course of a few days she's begun to loose some fur on her cheeks. I dont think it's mites or any type of parasite. They haven't been exposed to anything new in the last 3 weeks and Yogurt displays no signs of being ill. I feel it's definitely a grooming problem, whether it may be Yogurt barbering Trixie or just Trixie over grooming herself. I believe that Trix is more dominate and normally not allow Yogurt to over groom her but they seem to be "arguing" a bit more lately. Here is Trixie as of last night:
Hair Loss - Possible Barbering After_zpsb5805c1e

Any helpful advice would be appreciated. How to keep them from getting worse and how to help Trixie heal would be wonderful. Thank you in advance.

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