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Pet Only Doe Trio

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Pet Only Doe Trio Empty Pet Only Doe Trio

Post by tinyhartmouseries Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:35 pm

I have isolated three does in my mousery that started to barber whiskers. They are not unhealthy or otherwise neurotic does, but they, for whatever reason, eat whiskers. They are currently being kept together in one tank and get along very well. I imagine they are all dominant within their former tanks, or trying to be. I do not believe it to be genetic, as this issue has never come up before.Any other ideas welcome.

I am willing to offer them with a PET ONLY contract, completely FREE of charge to someone who would nurture them as pets. They are all three lovely, good natured does who just need an understanding home. I can bring them to Rodentfest, and provide their tank for $10.

They will not come with pedigrees and the contracts will simply state that they are not to be bred, and that I will be informed about the eventual date and cause of passing, and that the adopter knows that they are barberers.

They are as follows-
Sade-born 5/23/12, dove tan angora. She's had one litter for me.
Peggy-also born 5/23/12, black tan angora, cousin of Jada
Penny-born 8/15/12, colorpoint, she is gorgeous, but blind in her left eye
(please excuse the water spotting on the tank!!!)

Pet Only Doe Trio 100_3319
Pet Only Doe Trio 100_3320
Pet Only Doe Trio 100_3322
Pet Only Doe Trio 100_3323

I am totally open to any questions or concerns, and please feel free to communicate. Happy

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