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RodentFest 2013 Quarantine

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RodentFest 2013 Quarantine Empty RodentFest 2013 Quarantine

Post by Mrs. Beach Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:32 pm

When does QT begin for RodentFest 2013? RodentFest is April 27th. Does QT start three or four weeks before?

These are the QT rules from the RodentFest web site:

No animals in, no taking animals to shows/events, no new litters. Any signs of infectious disease or ANY lice/mites mean you must leave your rodent pets at home this time.

Health check at door : any pregnant or injured animals will be turned away.

Be very attentive to signs of lice/mites, as these are common problems in our rodent pets. If you see them on one animal, assume ALL animals & cages are infected. It takes more than one round of treatment to eradicate the parasites because unhatched eggs often do not die — wait for 2nd or even 3rd round of eggs to hatch and keep treating to kill the adults. You may need the help of a vet and/or stronger drugs than the “mite spray” the local petshop sells. Consult your vet for help on detecting & treating parasites. ”Not knowing” is not an excuse for bringing mites or lice to a show and infecting others!

If anyone is found to have broken quarantine, they will not be allowed to bring animals to RF until otherwise told. Quarantine & health check only works if everyone follows the rules.
Mrs. Beach
Mrs. Beach
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