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Waiting for my share..

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Waiting for my share.. Empty Waiting for my share..

Post by Cordane Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:04 pm

.. of bad luck.

I met this lady a while ago, started talking about mice and we have just been friends ever since. She lives about 2.5 hours away from me and just moved into a new and bigger place to accommodate her, her fiance and two kids (2 y/o and new born bub). I'm not sure on details, nor was I going to ask but just a few days ago, her and her fiance split. He ended up going out to a rugby game that night and said she wasn't allowed to go so of course, she is thinking the worst.. They've been together for 6 years or so, 2 little kids and now its the end of their relationship..
If you decide to look on the positive side, she is considering more seriously to move up north (to the town closest to me) which is exciting.


My Dad has always had back problems, maybe this is where my share of the bad luck is.. His L4 or something is crushing nerves which lead to his legs. He had been off work since Christmas but is now out of paid leave so returned to work.. He has been sleeping in a chair since Christmas so things aren't the best. Xrays have been done to see how things are deteriorating since the last xray (13 or so years ago). The last time things were this bad, he was in a chair for 3 months, unable to do anything.. I just hope going back to work before things are better, is not going to stuff his back up completely. If it does, he will sell this place. For me, that means I'm out of a home, and so are all my animals.


I use to be ok with the local pet shop. Yes, they didn't keep their mice as I would. Cages had maybe 4 more mice than I would keep in those cages and they lacked toys, boys were kept together but I never saw a sick, skinny or pregnant mouse. Not once! Then things slowly got worse.. Cages became crowded, condensation filled the cages causing the bedding to be saturated, I saw a mouse who looked like she was suffering from megacolon, (I mentioned it, they knew about it but never told the workers so the workers could have sold sick mice without knowing). But what pushed my dislike for them to something more was when I walked in a day ago. Pregnant mice, for sale. One looked like she was going to pop within days! I asked the owner if the females were for sale and she said "I was thinking about holding them back as they could be pregnant. The lady who brought them in brought males and females in, all in one box". I then told her, that I would purchase the heavily pregnant girl but she said "no no, we need the babies".. Gah.
Thats what pissed me off. For so long, it seemed like it wasn't all about the money, they cared for their animals and now.. Its just about profit.


Now this is something I feel terrible about and have NO IDEA why this happened.
A friend of mine had a self black buck which I was interested in using as I have always wanted some self black mice. I decided on two girls to send around, sisters in fact (burmese and a pied black tan). They introduced to the buck well, no squeaking what-so-ever which was surprising. I checked back with my friend after a few days to see what was happening and she just let me know that they have been cuddling, sleeping together and grooming each other - Not what I wanted to hear..
After a week, I ask her to get a weight check - weight loss. (38g to 32g and 43g to 38g) and a few days later, I sent her a message just to chat, see how her and her family was.. It was a busy day for her and then she told me the news. Her self black buck was dead. She heard squeaking coming from the cage, nothing major, but went to go check it out. Then she saw it, her boy, laying down on the cage floor, bit mark to the throat. He died in her hands.

In other words.. my girls essentially killed him.
She is being very sweet about it. Happy to keep my girls til I was going to pick them up originally, keeping them seperate as they began to squabble. Said it's just Murphys Law that her boy died and that its ok.


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