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Camouflage Mousery- Glen Burnie, MD

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Camouflage Mousery- Glen Burnie, MD Empty Camouflage Mousery- Glen Burnie, MD

Post by BlueStoneSiamese Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:32 pm

Your name: Diana Miller
Mousery/stud name and prefix: CAMO, Camouflage Mousery
Location: Glen Burnie, MD, USA
Your goals and varieties: My goals are to get better typed, larger sized mice in blue/silver, black/dove, and brindle colored mice. Markings vary from self and tan/fox to pied, banded and BEW/PEW. Coats include standard, satin, angora/angora satin, and rex/texel.
Contact information: (I also breed rats under BSS/Blue Stone Siamese Rattery and share the email).

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