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Kaytee Clean And Cozy Bedding?

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Kaytee Clean And Cozy Bedding? Empty Kaytee Clean And Cozy Bedding?

Post by Anktian Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:55 am

I'm not a huge fan of CareFresh, so I've been looking for an alternative paper based bedding to mix with aspen. I stopped in at Petco yesterday to pick up a bag of aspen (since my bulk order hasn't quite made it here yet and I needed something to tide me over, aha) and saw Kaytee Clean & Cozy. I had never tried any, so I did buy a small bag to give it a shot.

I normally use one part aspen, one part paper based bedding for my hamster cages. I have a bag of CareFresh Ultra that I've been using, but since I bought Clean & Cozy to try out, I mixed that in this time. My little guys seem to be loving it. Of course they've only been on the aspen/Clean & Cozy for about thirteen hours (so I will continue to monitor everyone), but there aren't any signs of allergies or anything so far.

I was really surprised with how much was in the bag. It's packed pretty tight (like CareFresh). I only had to use a small handful of it to mix a good half/half with the aspen per cage. I've barely scratched the surface of what's in that bag and I've done the two hamster pairs' cages (about two feet long and one foot wide) and my new little fox mouse boy's cage (about one and one-half foot long and one foot wide). I'm thinking that so long as my little guys show no problems with the bedding, this actually might be worth the money paid for a bag since it goes so far.

I was just wondering if anyone uses/has used this bedding for their mice and what they think/thought of it.

Here's a link of an online store I found for the bedding in case you're not sure what I'm talking about:
(Note: I have since found other stores both online and off to purchase from for cheaper if I decide I want to continue with this bedding. [Such as this ( ) store.])

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