2 brindle tricolors from Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire

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2 brindle tricolors from Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire

Post by Mrs. Beach on Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:58 pm

Kitzei, Day 17

Magi-ko, Day 17, with her magic orange butt spot

Kitzei's third color (besides orange and white) is a a dark orange-brown (c^ch/c^e). One more generation and I'll be able to get my brindle tris c^ch/c^ch, so they'll be orange tiger brindles with white spots and snow tiger spots! It has taken me almost four years to get to this point, but I was learning genetics along the way and did pursue the wrong path of c^e/c^e for a long time, not realizing I wanted c^ch/c^ch.

ALSO, Mrs. Beach's Litter Theorem has made great strides! I have linked beginning weight and total percent gain to litter number, but there is a problem. 24g of babies could be twelve 2-gram babies or it could be eight 3-gram babies. I am now analyzing gain curves because the answer has got to be in them. I have exhausted all the other numbers. I have weights for about 96 mice in my database now!
Mrs. Beach
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Re: 2 brindle tricolors from Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire

Post by Anktian on Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:46 pm

You must share! I'm so going to kidnap Kitzei!


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