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Help Needed Before Rodentfest

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Help Needed Before Rodentfest Empty Help Needed Before Rodentfest

Post by tinyhartmouseries Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:16 pm

I am going through something pretty personal, and though I DO plan on still coming to Rodentfest (have to adopt out like 50 mice) I need your help, please please please. If you are getting anything from me, or sending anything home with me, and we are not yet confirmed or "square" on money, will you please message me? I wish to pay all my adoption fees the day of the show with cash. If you are adopting from me, please state if you want to do "day of the show" or Paypal, which I have to start collecting soon. Thank you so much. In this personally trying time, I am reaching out to those around me for any support, much love!

PS, if you have talked to me on Facebook, no need to re-hash it here! Happy

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