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Hello, new and looking to get mice

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Hello, new and looking to get mice Empty Hello, new and looking to get mice

Post by Ruthy Fri May 16, 2014 6:14 pm

I'm looking into getting mice in August/September and am wondering what sort of things I'd need to get so they are super happy and healthy.
So far, I'm thinking of getting 3 does.
Looking to get the Zooplus Barney, with lots of hammocks and climbing toys added in.

Bedding-wise, I was thinking aspen shavings as use this for my snake and have a massive bag of it (not going to feed the mice to the snake, don't worry) and then nesting material also.

I was also thinking of this wheel as no risk of hurting backs or tails . Am hoping it'd fit into the cage?

Also, I'd rather get mice from a breeder than Pets At Home. I live in Edinburgh so would have to be around the area (have found it difficult trying to find a breeder online)

Anything else I need to be thinking about?


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