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Three New Girls

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Three New Girls Empty Three New Girls

Post by La La Lola Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:11 pm

My boyfriend surprised me with three little girl mice yesterday from the pet shop. One spotted fawn colored girl, one spotted black girl, and a very runty white girl... Both the fawn and the white girls seem to have ruby eyes. Only the runt, Pippi (Pipsqueak) has a name so far. Pippi immediately crawled up into my hands when we got them home, and is right now curled up on my neck in my hair. The other two are a little less eager to hang out, especially the cow print girl, but they'll come around in a few days...

Please excuse my giant hand in all of the pics, only way I could get clear pictures was to hold them in the sun from the window.
Three New Girls Th_yellow37590450 Three New Girls Th_moo09876 Three New Girls Th_pippierjg4y373
Three New Girls Th_yellow768769 Three New Girls Th_moomooo7t7578y Three New Girls Th_pipi9878969809

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Three New Girls Empty Re: Three New Girls

Post by littlelovesmousery Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:04 pm

You've got quite the boyfriend if he's willing to support your mouse habit, you better hang on to that one! They are all very cute. I love the black & white one but I'm kinda partial to black & white to begin with. Big smile

And don't worry about the giant hands. That's how I have to take most of my pictures, standing next to the door with the mouse in my hand just so that I can get the natural lighting coming through.

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