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Barbering.... Empty Barbering....

Post by tinyhartmouseries Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:28 pm

I just discovered three bin fulls of does without whiskers! I am rifling through the mice therein, only to discover one doe in each bin that still has whiskers---I imagine these does would be the culprits? Two are related slightly, and one is totally unrelated. What in the world would have prompted this behavior??? I remember a barberer I had years ago, but this is otherwise unprecedented and seems totally out of nowhere. One of these gals just raised a litter, and none of her kiddos have whiskers...I can only hope that they have not learned her bad behavior.

I took all three does and started them in their own they can just barber each other all they want, I guess. Is this a good permanent solution for the three?

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